OctaTrack FIXED with NEW UI-board !


Just an update from my previous post(s) on my attempts to repair my Elektron OctaTrack with the faulty button.


After three sessions of trying to solder the electrical contacts of a switch and/or replace the switch entirely, I concluded that the problem was somewhere in the electrical traces of the “UI board” PCB that I could not see.

I contacted Elektron.

You should too !

The Elektron US Service Team
Elektron Music Machine Inc.
213-935-8521 | repairs@elektronmusicmachines.com

They initially advised me to send the unit to them, either to HQ in Europe or to their US tech support site in California. I told them I’d take the risk myself, and they sold me a new UI board for just over $150 !

Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 3.13.52 PM copy
my (redacted) invoice from Elektron…

Placed the order on 2018/July/12…

the FaceLift

…and itshowed up 2019/July/24 !




the brand new UI board. uses the same “old standard” Elektron switches, but something about this just felt nicer… perhaps the smell ?



removing old UI board from the open OT. keep your Torx wrenches handy, kids.



the OLD board is out!.. but I need to re-use those switches. I REALLY considered painting them while it was out.




pulling ALL the button-faces off the old switches… THIS is where you need to have an ice-cube tray handy to keep sorting/counting straight.


I was SO excited to prove that the new switch worked (durably) that I applied power and booted it up without even screwing down the panel. Both Diagnostic Mode and normal operation worked fine. I’ve since screwed it back together and gotten back to sampling.


Need Help ?

If you or someone you know is working with an (out-of-warrantee) Elektron Product, and aren’t (yet) ready to send it to Europe or Cali, I’d like to help, and I’ve got (more and more) experience with dis/re-assembly and (simple) diagnostics of their machines.

Let me know by email: thepatrickrichardson@gmail.com

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