If you want to learn any/all facets of drumming on the acoustic and/or electronic drum kit you’ve come to the right person, place, and thing !

WHO I am as Your Drum Teacher

I’m Patrick Richardson; musician, teacher, and tinker-er.


I’ve been drumming for 30+ years in multiple bands, with over 10 recordings covering Rock, Soul, Rap, Funk, Metal, Jazz & Latin styles

I’m on staff as drum-instructor and electronics specialist at the Philadelphia School Of Rock teaching an average of 12 students across 2 nights a week (presently Tuesdays and Wednesdays). I have another half-dozen (and growing) students taking private lessons in my home studio.

I have been a certified teacher since 2011, adjunct-teaching at Temple University, Drexel University, and The Art Institute. I have a B.A. Psychology with training in ergonomics, injury prevention, and motivational psychology, and have experience with special- needs youth and limited-mobility clients.

Video Review

In Fall of 2021, I produce the following promotional video for my service in-person and/or remote lessons to learn and enjoy the drum kit.

…for deeper details, testimonials, and scheduling specifics, read on.


To schedule in-person and/or online lessons, email me at thepatrickrichardson@gmail.com

In the interest of mutual accountability and professionalism, all lessons are conducted under a written agreement of the specific goals, policies, scheduling, and accommodations agreed upon between you the student, and me the instructor. All terms and policies for regular lessons, are outlines on this downloadable PDF of my Lesson Policy Agreement sheet.

I listen forward to working and playing with you.