If you want to learn any/all facets of drumming on the acoustic and/or electronic drum kit you’ve come to the right person, place, and thing !

Overview Video(s)

In Fall of 2021, I produced a promotional video for my service in-person and/or remote lessons to learn and enjoy the drum kit.

check the 6-minute video above, or other (shorter) edits HERE

…for deeper details, testimonials, and scheduling specifics, read on.

WHO I am :

I’m Patrick Richardson; musician, teacher, and tinker-er.

I combine traditional technique and modern A/V technology to teach immersive drum-lessons that accelerate the student drummer’s skill, musicality, listening, and notation literacy.


I’ve been drumming for 30+ years in multiple bands, with over 10 recordings covering Rock, Soul, Rap, Funk, Metal, Jazz & Latin styles.

  • studying the kit for 30 years,
  • touring/recording for 20,
  • teaching for 5,
  • now recently using A/V for remote lessons (through Pandemic, and beyond !).

I have a B.A. Psychology with training in ergonomics, injury prevention, and motivational psychology, and have experience with special- needs youth and limited-mobility clients.

I have been a certified teacher since 2011, adjunct-teaching at Temple University, Drexel University, and The Art Institute. In this capacity, I’ve taught and even authored college courses at Temple, Drexel, and the Art Institute of Philadelphia music studio recording, live sound, video production, and more.

I’ve been teaching private drum lessons since 2017. As of 2018, I’m regular staff at (Philadelphia’s original) Philadelphia School Of Rock. teaching private lessons, supporting showcases, and providing electronics support.

More recently, I’m working and training as an Audio-1/StageHand in Philadelphia’s Local 8 union chapter of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) union.

WHAT I can teach:

I have a broad base of experience teaching different types of students in different environments.
In addition to teaching at (Philadelphia’s original) School of Rock, I’ve adjunct-taught college courses at Temple, Drexel, and the Art Institute of Philadelphia music studio recording, live sound, video production, and more.

I offer lessons in:

  • general drum kit: acoustic / electronics
  • rhythmic ear training: counting, notation,
  • drumming a specific song: any genre, any level.
  • drumming cross-training: speed / endurance / ergonomics / injury prevention
  • drum machine programming / beat-making : MIDI sequencing, sampling, and synthesis.
  • Recording on a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW): tracking, editing, and song-writing.

My teaching studio features everything you’ll need for an immersive musical learning experience:

  • 2+ acoustics drum kits for tandem play.
  • PA system to play along with YOUR favorite music
  • metronome with electronic practice pads
  • recording studio tools to document and share your progress !
  • plenty of ear-protection!

WHERE we learn:

We can learn and play

  • in my home studio in West Philadelphia (49th and Market)
  • at your home/kit
  • remotely via skype

NOTE: During the COVID-related quarantine of 2020, I have been offering remote lessons through video chat (such as Zoom)

Starting June 2021 (as the CDC still allows us to leave our houses), I’m resuming hosting private 1-on-1 lessons in my home studio with a variety of safety precautions, including,

  • social distance between kits,
  • use of face masks,
  • between-lesson sterilization of studio; running UV sterilization lights and forced air-circulation.

How / Testimonials?

Don’t take my word for it !… consider the varied and personal reports among  written Testimonials by current/former clients, taken from my ThumbTack service/review site),

or review the full 6-minute video from my YouTube page.

WHEN I am available :

I am generally OPEN and AVAILABLE weekdays between 10am-8pm.

For specific availability, check my regularly-updated WEEKLY AVAILABILITY Page.


Lesson rates run $50-60/hour: providing:

  • …studio resources to video/audio record your progress
  • …plenty of hearing protection, music notation/tools
  • …complimentary beverages and snacks, if needed.

Pricing can be adjusted by

  • …discounts for longer sessions (max 2.5 hours)
  • …additional (travel) fees for house-calls.
  • …sliding scale/barter for skill-trade on negotiable $/hour basis.

See Lesson Rate$ details HERE.

Commitment !

I’m excited that you’re eager to learn new rhythmic skills with me. My promise to you is, “If you do the work, you will be supported with opportunity to succeed!” Everyone is different, and as a result, their lessons will be a unique exploration of their needs, skills, and approach. By doing it this way, you’ll find the lessons more enjoyable and you’ll find greater motivation to stay committed. I appreciate your time and interest in learning new forms of rhythms with me.

IMG_20170726_154246626 copy.jpg
taking a break at a drum circle in my neighborhood


To schedule in-person and/or online lessons, email me at thepatrickrichardson@gmail.com

In the interest of mutual accountability and professionalism, all lessons are conducted under a written agreement of the specific goals, policies, scheduling, and accommodations agreed upon between you the student, and me the instructor. All terms and policies for regular lessons, are outlines on this downloadable PDF of my Lesson Policy Agreement sheet.

I listen forward to working and playing with you.