I have been teaching as part-time faculty at the Art Institute of Philadlephia since 2011; initially hired to focus on math / science the Audio Production major, now also teaching and developing audio coding/scripting in other majors in both Media Arts and Design department(s).

I have served as primary/sole teacher for courses marked in bold, and course-author for course(s) market in bold-italics.

Media Arts –

Audio Production:

AP10220 Audio Technology II
AP10230 Listening, Analysis & Acoustics (3 years)
AP10310 Audio Recording I
AP10320 Digital Audio I
AP20510 Electronics I (5 years)
AP20520 Digital Audio III
AP20530 Sound Design & Concept Development
AP20610 Electronics II
AP20630 Live Sound Reinforcement I (4 years)
AP20720 Live Sound Reinforcement II (4 years)
AP31010 Senior Project I
AP41130 Special Topics
AP41220 Special Projects-PsychoAcoustics
AP41240 Interactive Audio Design

Game Art & Design:

GA10230 Interactive Story Telling
GA20720 Programming for Artists
GA30940 Sound Design for Games

Digital Film / Video Production:

VE20850 Audio Post Production (2 years)

Media Arts and Animation:

AD20750 Audio For Animation

Design –

Graphics Design:

GR20755 Web Scripting

Interactive Media / Web Design:

IM10231 Programming Logic
IM10310 Introduction to Scripting
IM10330 Introduction to Audio
IM10410 Intermediate Scripting
IM10410 Intermediate Scripting
IM10430 Audio Production For Interactive Media
IM20521 Dynamic Web Scripting
IM20720 Project Management
IM20830 Introduction to User Centered Design
IM30930 Usability Testing
IM31040 Designing for Server Side Technology (php, SQL)