WHEN I am available :

As of…


…I’m presently OPEN and AVAILABLE weekly

  • MON:
    • 10 am – 03 pm
    • 04 pm – 06 pm
  • TUE:
    • open, but sometimes doing gigs.
  • WED:
    • 10 am – 05 pm
  • THR:
    • open, but sometimes doing gigs.
  • FRI:
    • OPEN, but
    • busy 1st/3rd Friday 4-6pm
  • SAT
    • varies weekly,
    • good for substitution / make-up lesson
    • not good for regular lessons.
  • SUN
    • 03 pm – 08pm (variable)
    • sub-optimal for regular lessons.


To schedule in-person and/or online lessons, email me at thepatrickrichardson@gmail.com

In the interest of mutual accountability and professionalism, all lessons are conducted under a written agreement of the specific goals, policies, scheduling, and accommodations agreed upon between you the student, and me the instructor. All terms and policies for regular lessons, are outlines on this downloadable PDF of my Lesson Policy Agreement sheet.

I listen forward to working and playing with you.