Welcome to my Blog(s) about:

…Make-ing, hacking and servicing

Acoustic Drum customizations

  • building or modifying acoustic instruments
  • repair or modification of electronic drums or MIDI triggers

Analog audio hardware 

  • design, customization, or repair of analog synthesizers or effects
  • building custom hardware or software
  • drum triggers and other performance sensors

Digital audio hardware

  • service, repair, modification, or other “surgery”
  • MicroControllers for custom control and interaction of audio and MID

Music Software

  • music DAWs for recording/performance
  • custom synthesis/control in “patching” software (i.e. pureData) or scripting tools (i.e. SuperCollider)
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for audio

…Music Performance

  • solo work
  • current ensembles/bands
  • past ensembles/bands

…Teaching Curriculum

  • all topics within and between the above
  • practicum and colloquium adjunct teaching in Philadelphia colleges/universities
    • Temple University
    • Drexel University
    • the Art Institute of Philadelphia
  • math and physics of audio electronics
  • acoustics of music and studios


  • product reviews !
  • “humor”


In addition to reading and commenting on these various topics, you can