I offer lessons in:

  • general drum kit: acoustic / electronics
  • rhythmic ear training: counting, notation,
  • drumming a specific song: any genre, any level.
  • drumming cross-training: speed / endurance / ergonomics / injury prevention
  • drum machine programming / beat-making : MIDI sequencing, sampling, and synthesis.
  • Recording on a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW): tracking, editing, and song-writing.
student “M” works on transcribing a drumbeat from a song

My teaching studio features everything you’ll need for an immersive musical learning experience:

  • 2+ acoustics drum kits for tandem play.
tandem narrow
two standard 4-piece drum kits for tandem play.
  • PA system to play along with YOUR favorite music
tandem student
play along with music and/or click that you hear through stage-quality speakers and/or studio isolation headphones
  • metronome with electronic practice pads
station copy
the “electronic practice station” includes metronome and various pads for warmups and rudiments to improve stick control and hand speed. I installed security mirror so student and teacher can follow each other better
  • recording studio tools to document and share your progress !
beyond the acoustic kits lies the studio computer for playing songs or recording performances, and a “groovebox tower” for electronic rhythms. and melodies
  • plenty of ear-protection!

Video OverView

In Fall of 2021, I produce the following promotional video for my service in-person and/or remote lessons to learn and enjoy the drum kit.

…for deeper details, testimonials, and scheduling specifics, read on.


To schedule in-person and/or online lessons, email me at thepatrickrichardson@gmail.com

In the interest of mutual accountability and professionalism, all lessons are conducted under a written agreement of the specific goals, policies, scheduling, and accommodations agreed upon between you the student, and me the instructor. All terms and policies for regular lessons, are outlines on this downloadable PDF of my Lesson Policy Agreement sheet.

I listen forward to working and playing with you.