Live Sound guest-lecture from AiPhilly alumni Jack Marron


Occasionally I get alumni coming back to campus to show-and-tell what they’re up to in their professional word.


Jack Marron was a student at the Art Institute of Philadelphia from Spring 2011 until graduating in 2013.

While he was my one of my students at AiPh, Jack was regularly impressive in his capacity to (over-)prepare detailed and thoughtful documents, as well as remain calm in high-pressure and/or ambiguous situations. I’m sure he fits right in with a growing backline venture, and he seems to be keeping good notes to present a clear, in-depth representation of what audio-oriented students should expect seeking to swim or climb in the world of corporate AV.


Presentation 2017.

The next time I heard form him was 2017, where he’d been working for PSAV for 4 years, reaching production lead for the PSAV office in NYC’s Hilton.


students set-up our class PA (then based around a Fender Traveler and a Mackie board we saved from the dumpster



Jack leads a presentation on his responsibilities and challenges directing within PSAV in the NyC hotel site


Jack’s lecture culminated in show-and-tell of having to deal with dealing with show-stopping (and backline-ruining) water leakage during a major private event


open Q-and-A at the end, with plenty of war stores from the corporate audio world.


Presentation 2018.

As of 2018, Jack now works as a Project Coordinator (more 9-5) for Tellen Technology Rentals in Iselin NJ.

In his own words, Jack now manages…

“…permissions on communicable company information, disguise client branding where applicable and focusing on student’s level of understanding and commitment to learning.”

“Tallen’s employees are looking for veteran production folk and experienced technical role players. Logistics staff come and go, but can be more sales and client facing role players. I wouldn’t recommend that career path for someone going through the Ai program. My advice would be to jump right into the tech industry and working hands on with gear to build their experience and grow within all aspects of the industry. People, gear, customer service”

my Live Sound students in 2018 set up the new system, based around a Midas M32-R, with a rack of discrete amp and Hot-Spot wedges for monitors.
IMG_20180815_132857034.jpg copy.jpg
Jack giving background on his new employers and job responsibilities
discussing scope and supply lines for international vendors
breaking down a room setup in terms of spacial coverage…
…and signal-flow
Jack was not only skilled enough to effectively drill my students on some basic signal-routing for mixing monitors, he was kind enough to help us strike.

Take Away

In Jacks’ words: “I felt my presentation was more interactive and engaging for students. [the students] could relate and learn better from guided material. Much more so than last years overhaul of information and technical experience.”


2 thoughts on “Live Sound guest-lecture from AiPhilly alumni Jack Marron

  1. Jack Marron says:

    This was a wonderful read. Happy to have given the knowledge and experience to others. I look forward to our next venture together. Cheers Patrick!


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