Alesis DM Pro surgery 3; donor face-transplants


After my efforts to repair the  (old) Alesis DM Pro drum-trigger module by solder-rework had



Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 10.03.29 AM

my “old” unit had

  • firmware V 1.06
  • Trigger inputs (all tested)
  • Screen in good shape
  • Buttons in good shape
  • Audio Outputs all bad

my “new” unit

  • Firmware V 2.0, which fixes some bugs, allow for newer (Roland) switch triggers.
  • Trigger inputs all goo
  • Screen shows some fading
  • Buttons, the Trigger Select < and > buttons seem faulty, so this would be a problem if I didn’t want to use “chase” mode to select whcih trigger I’d edit by hitting it…this is a notorious problem setting thresholds and you “lose” your target, so being able to select manually, without chase, should always be included.
  • Audio Outputs sound ok from internal sounds, but I could not enter the Test Menus, which require booting up while holding the above Trigger Select buttons.

Looks like a perfect opportunity to transplant the front panel UI assembly (“face”) from the old unit to the new.

A tiny surgery.

Take his face…



To the Bench !



full removal of the Face will require careful handling of multiple (criss-crossed) ribbon cables between motherboard and UI board.


Out with the old








 In with the new

the new (incoming) face had it’s ribbon cables anchored on with heavy silicon…



…so I had to scrape/lift that out in order to continue the transplant.


Transplant Complete

The “new” 2.0 body has the “old” 1.02 face.



Further work … ?

…for me : unfortunately, this leaves me to (eventually) need to repeat the battery holder transplant when (not if) the units memory fails.

…for you : If you or someone you know needs work on a rack unit like this, please contact me.




2 thoughts on “Alesis DM Pro surgery 3; donor face-transplants

  1. Patrick Pugh says:

    Hello Patrick, my Alesis Dmpro display is reducing in the number of characters appearing on screen. is this an lcd problem or a battery problem?

    1. thepatrickrichardson says:

      the battery is WAY easier to service than the display… through the Alesis product of that ear had a bit of a rep for displays that would fritz or fade.
      The screen is highly integrated to the UI/jack board… and it would be easiest to do a franken-swap if you could find one whose back end was dead, and just swap their faces like I did…or we can arrange to do it.

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