Alesis DM Pro surgery 2; solder rework for outputs


After I repaired the memory backup battery on my Alesis DM Pro, it’s time to (try to) fix the faulty audio outputs.

Each voice in a kit can be assigned among the DM pro has 6 outputs, in addition to being routed to EITHER of its for Reverb (room, hall plate) OR MultiFx (distortion into fixed delay into mod-delay into EQ).

  • Main L and R, with panning, and routing to reverb OR the MFX. LR also acts as output for
  • Aux 1 and 2, with panning, routing to either FX bus.
  • Aux 3 and 4, only for direct selection, with no FX bus routing.

All the stock kits never used the “other four”, and just sent all voices a stereo spread out the Mains with preset FX bussing.

Over the years, I’d build up a system of routing and grouping electronic drum voices into 6 channels.

  • Kick(s) isolate on 3
  • Snare(s) isolated on 4
  • Tom(s) in stereo image on 1/2; sending “dry”
  • Everything else (cymbals, perc) and internal “FX returns” out the on L/R.

By putting these 2 mono and 2 stereo channels into a rack mixer, I could quickly adjust levels and change FX routing (to some rack gear) for a very live instrument.

UNFORTUNATELY; over the years, I lost outputs 3, then R (even though the headphone output still gave proper LR stereo)… then everything. All 6 outputs (plus the stereo headphones) would only emit a simple whine.


Like any good surgery, we start with tests. The headphone outputs were the last to go, so I tested them by playing the demo sequence.

testing the signal on the headphone output (last to go)…
no signal on ouputs from Demo Song


The DM Pro has a debug mode, where you can run

  • test on RAM integrity
  • test buttons and lights
  • Audio Test: test audio outputs (with a 0 dBFS square wave pushed out all ports).


I ran the Audio Test.


Sure enough, there’s a square wave, but it’s weak, and intermittent when I flex or push on the paneling.


Perhaps this was a problem of the MANY jacks that were hard-soldered to the motherboard (not even separated to an IO board).

To the Bench

Opening the DM Pro (back) up, I se that the (many) audio out and trigger input jacks are are soldered directly onto the motherboard. There is a possibility some (or now all) of these outputs could have become open solder joints.



The Heat is ON

I gave the motherboard a once-over with my solder reworking blower (set to 650 F, kept 2-4 cm from board). This made many of the blown points liquify and re-solidify.


No Dice…too small ?

After re-assembly, and re-testing, I found this did not fixe the problem.

So, this is where I start tracing (with eye and probe) where the audio lead from, to see if there is any obviously burned or open component.

The back corner shows 3 stereo DACs (Digital to Analog Converters for LR, 12, and 34) fed off some small chops labeled CS4390KSEP on top, and JNAWEA9834 below.

trying to peek at the DACs. Sorry for grainy picture, this had to be taken through my magnifying light.

Internet search determines these are 2 channel 24-bit converters by Cirrus Logic, which are now discontinued. These chips fed outward to some electrolytic capacitors, which tested fine, and showed the Audio Test square wave at MUCH greater strength.  These ten led to a maze of surface mount resistors (attenuator/mixer circuits) toward the output jacks.

Since I don’t (yet) have the experience or tools to work productively with surface-mount components, this is where I throw up my (large) hands.


Luckily, I’d bought a spare DM-Pro from a pro-audio auction a few months ago, but it had it’s share of problems. Time to consider Frankenstein-ing the good remainders of my “old” unit into the “new” one.

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 10.03.29 AM.png
old (donor) unit on top, new (recipient) on bottom.



4 thoughts on “Alesis DM Pro surgery 2; solder rework for outputs

  1. Sylvain says:

    how do you enter in debug mode? Cause I try to repair mine. As I wanted to use the 6 outputs, like you. But sometimes, randomly, when I start my sequencer, the bass drum set to exit on the output 3 plays simultaneously on the 1, 2 and 3 and the same for the snare that is configured to exit on the 4 plays simultaneously on 1, 2 and 4. To fix the problem I have to reload the bank. Sometimes it works and sometimes not.

    Thank you

  2. Charles Whiley says:

    These Cirrus Logic DAC chips are prone to failure. I know because I am currently trying to find a replacement set of 4 for a synthesizer I have. I bet that is what is wrong.

    1. thepatrickrichardson says:

      If they have failed, what would be involved in getting them to work.
      Would the chips need to be replaced/extracted/reflashed ?

      I don’t (yet) have the tools or hands for that kind of work.. hence the Franken-swap.

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