my Live Sound class visits the World Cafe Live (again).

Mike began guiding students as they took turns “drive” the sound-check exercise.
Our tour/lesson began at Front of House (FoH), with Production Manager (PM) Mike Abrams explaining the Midas M32 digital console and the Claire Bother’s PA system.
the lesson, like all great things, started with a plan; We started our “soundcheck sandbox” exercise with 3 students on 3 channels in the middle of the channel-count.
For our usual “sound-check workout”, we plugged 3 vocal mics into a stage (sub)snake
the appropriate inputs of the sub-snake were connected/assigned to the mixers desired channels at the Stage Patch
As students become emboldened with the mixing exercise, Mike cleverly speculates new problems or techniques for the students to consider as they learn the M32’s digital mixing architecture… a natural teacher.
“knowing your gear forwards and backwards,” is helpful to teach, where one may literally mix upside down.
My students had already worked on an X32 once before, and are moderately familiar with the two mixing modes (normal and “sends on fader”) of the motorized faders. Mike pushes my students to apply this “at speed”.

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