(re)building “Jet” Snare drum: PICS !

After finding a non-name 14”x5.5” snare drum in the warehouse, I decided to rebuild and restore it.

First, we see…

the source drum:

the junk drum had only 1 head, 1 rim, and was missing nuts & bolts for internal hardware.

For this, I had to order (mostly from Drum Factory Direct)

new Throw-off

used ONE of the drill holes from old snare pull/throw-off. Replaced with Ludwig model, which luckily cleared the rim

new butt-plate

replace broken
replace broken “Jet” Butt-plate with adjustable 3-position model from DW. The plastic bushing was VERY handy for positioning drill-holes

lug and screw work

Not only were one side of the lugs tension-rods missing, but two of the ones remaining were stripped or mis-matched. I cannibalized rods and receivers from the 12” single-head (6-lug) tom that I never use.

Then I muffled the loose springs 1/2 cotton-ball each.

replace missing/stripped
replace missing/stripped “Jet” tension rods with some from donor. mismatched parts rattle, and needed internal muffling.

finished !

Hope to upload some sounds and vids that I took along this process soon !

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