GET LOW ! … ; cutting my DW boom stands down to (a more comfortable) size

I play my drum-kit with a pretty low, flat setup.


In the picture above; my DW boom stands (upon which most of my kit is mounted) are set as low as they can go. I’m making no use of the telescoping pipes that reach into height.

Sometimes, I want to set this up with the “bottoming out” even lower. This could get the mounted rack tom (the small green one) settling into an even smaller, snugger trapezoid.

Yes, I know that DW manufactures a “low-boy” version of their 9000-series boom-style drum stand, but I’d rather make anew than by new.


TO THE SHOP (the metal shop at work).

First, we take apart the stand:




….then the other one:



I measured that I had about 3 inches of slack on the body-pipe of the tripod (for the clamps to rest) between the tension fitting and the top-clearance of the legs (when collapsed).

There is NO room for error, so I we cut only 2.5” off to be safe.

To avoid scratching the chrome (for resale value? HAH), I clamp the pipe in cardboard before using the pipe-cutter.





Then we de-burr the pipe after it’s cut (so I don’t end up cutting up my hands).




Then mount the pipe in the drill press to drill the necessary mounting holes for the bottom-brace of the legs.



Here are both stands, with only one done, showing the 2.5” difference (literally) between them.




Detail on the subtracted pipe.



…and, for good measure, some additional de-burring on the bottom of the tripod-pipe once we re-assemble. I almost learned the hard way that the last place and time I want to cut my hand is during load-in to a show.2013-08-22_15-08-55_68

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