the amazing electronic drum kit of Jim “Mouth” Parole

During my 2018 trip to Anaheim CA to tinker with Dan Dauz’s design(s), Dan introduced me the SoCal sensation comedian (and drummer), Jim “Mouth” Parole.



(some of) you may recognize Jim from…

…setting and breaking his own Guinesss record(s) for fitting lots of things (like french fries or lit cigarettes) in his mouth.


…OR America’s Got Talent, wherein his 5th audition got him booed off stage with a (World Record?) 19 hot dogs in his mouth…


Impressive feats, but not necessarily a role model for healthy things one should put in their mouth. Perhaps audiences would be more appreciative setting records with kale or lean fish…


…I was unaware of Jim’s TV talents until after meeting him, and enjoyed getting to meet Jim under more mundane, technology-and-craft centered circumstances.

Jim Mouth is showed me the gear-head marvel that is his electronic drum kit. From what my recollection and pictures, his (56+ pad !!! ) set up includes…

  • 3 seperate Roland TD- units for triggering and sound
  • an Alternate Mode TrapKat (24 seperate FSR trigger zones)
  • a Yamaha DTX-multi-12 for auxiliary
  • half a dozen dual-zone FSR bar pads
  • at least 8 cymbal pads
  • NINE seperate kick pedals with Roland KD-7 kick trigger pads
  • …and this is all BEFORE incorporating a laptop…

Looking at the pics below, one wonders if this may be a contender for a Guiness record in itself, or if Jim just has a problem doing anything under max capacity.




lights, multi-pads, SYMMETRY ! The whole kid is affixed to a rolling platform, so it can be rolled up ramps and onto stage fully assembled…shows Jim’s love of nice flat surfaces, and symmetry in the pole-pads and cymbal setup, all bling-ed out with ribbon lights…and a Yamaha DTX Multi-12 squeezed in for good measure.
side-vide of kit, shows how pads are comfortably flat
over-the-shoulder shot shows the main front of rack, with twin (redundant) LaunchPads and MidiBuddy (for patch changes), all routed through a trusty (if rusty) Studio 5 MIDI router.
under-the-hood pic of the rack panel reveals: 2nd TD-20, seperate line mixer for house and headphone mixes, and extensive vintage (long discontinued) hardware for routing MIDI and handling other signals. I would HATE to debug this.
The feet are met with 9 seperate pedals, including 7 DW kick pedals with KD7 kick triggers, and (at least) 2 hi-hat pedal controllers…plus a 3-button footswitch (shown here at center line, covered by a bar).
a close up of the KD7s reveal he’s cut the plate short off the stock medal frame to get the pedals mounted closer.




Jim was generous to tell me all about all the hardware, routing, and software involved. His enthusiasm and gear-history was a lot to keep up with.

Jim may have a (VERY) big mouth, but he is mysteriously wordless in the “TechnoMan” and “DrumJ” demo videos I found where you might get a glimpse of Jim’s mega e-drum kit in action.

If you’re in SoCal / Anaheim area, look Jim (here on FaceBook) and see if for yourself whenever he might perform live. I hope to see see how road-testing goes for this monster setup. It’s definitely inspired me to work more to “demo” things that have been stuck in “workshopping limbo.”

Thanks for sharing, Jim.

…and please, don’t try to fit that whole kit into your mouth.




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