Destruct Device at the Shred Shed

Matt Miller, my buddy and bandmate (from WormRider and other jams) is in an excellent grind-thrash band Destruct Device.

Went to Destruct Device opened at the Shred Shed. The hey welcomed me to “do sound” on the otherwise un-manned PA. Promoter/doorMan was fine with it.
So I ended up mixing vocal channels on a Mackie 406 M powered mixer.


1 pre-fader bus, 1 post-fader bus, 3-hand EQ per channel. less than 1kW. This brings me back to the “good old days” (“nights”).


Destruct Device

We did a (1 channel) sound-check, and we’re off.

If you want to capture good rock-posture shots, it helps if you know the songs, and when they have their “breakdowns”


Just before the set began, a man th a nice expensive camera set right next to me.

IMG_20170310_203248300 copy.jpg

They must have felt confident that I had no plans to move, AND that the band was not going to inspire any “moshing”.
They Captured their full set in THIS FOOTAGE:

Halfway through their set, I noticed vocals by “S” could be a bit more “brutal” so I applied a nice roomy reverb to taste.

…and to think, we occasionally get paid to do this.



I cannot remember the name of the second band. 2 vocals was not-quite-twice-as-hard to mix. They announced their introduction during the first “song”, but their speech was too “blackened” for me to catch it. It felt rude to interrupt thier blasphemy to ask for clarification.


Alas, their music was also hard to remember. They did spend a notable amount of time tearing up and spitting on bibles. So they got that going for them.


Third band was out-of-towners Mo’ynoq.

The rocked so hard (and so loud) that I pushed the PA into over-head trying to keep up. Oops. Didn’t stop them from (still) screaming their vocals. Nice guys too.


4th band ??

I cannot recall the name or tunes of the 4th band. Their setup was too rushed to take pictures, and they left the light on during their set.

I do recall that they asked me to play their “intro song” from their iPod. It had building energy, but as there was a gap in between the iPod playback ending, and then starting their first (band) song with a guitar intro. Kinda killed the momentum. Nice guys though.





eventually it got hot enough that I had to remove my dark hoodie, revealing I was wearing the LEAST brutal clothing in the room.


WAIT…I’ve seen this guy before… TWICE:

  1.  (without shirt) when their band headlined at Goldilocks with ComplexComplex, and
  2. (with shirt) at a metal show, when he left between openers High On Fire and before Meshuggah.

Small world.

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