Live Sound class gets visit from Chris Brubaker of Clair (Brothers) Sound

Clair Brothers:

Arguably one of the most consistent big-player family businesses in live entertainment tech and production.

I was honored to have (Art Institute c/o 1994 grad) Chris Brubaker from Clair Global’s microphone department visit my Live Sound 2 class (again) to inform and motivate my students.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 12.23.24 AM
Chris started his day with my Live Sound class giving a presentation on Clair Global. His slide(s) on on Clair’s deep history really speak for themselves.
Chris inspects our in-class setup of our “sound-check sandbox” training exercise for basic mixing/monitoring.
In between telling “war stories” of his 23 years working with international music acts (since graduating AiPh himself), Chris occasionally takes a break to give constructive criticism to the student’s setup, methods, and workflow on our analog mock-system.
Chris was generous enough to help critique some of my Live Sound class student’s projects (on designing a sound system for a local Philadelphia venue).

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