one of my dDrum triggers died, and I was surgeon enough to revive it

Sometime back in 2013, within the context of the eDrum and “The MPC-slab era” of  the PercussioNeuron, I decided it was not enough to just use acoustic triggers on my kick and snare (to send song-specific additional sounds to the PA), but then I wanted all 4 shells to get cybernetic shadows.

So I scored a set of dDrum triggers. The big ugly bulletproof red ones with the XLR connector.


Whelp, after a year of abuse, the kick trigger stopped working.

First, we’er not dealing with the traditional piezo disk (common to Roland and other manufactureres) which can be part-ed at local Rat Shack (and hacked into acoustic pickups)

…we’re dealing with a specific match-stick piezo embedded medium density foam. Which I could only find:

$8 and 4 days later, it’s TO THE BENCH !

Where we…

inspect the damage:




..amputate the piezo (destroying the foam host).




take apart the body, careful to preserve the wiring




test the new piezo for electrical spiking:




Prep the surface for the new peizo, with scraping…




…and solvent




thread and tailor the new wires (remember to short RED to X)







and we’re done !



Total down time: 1 week.

Total bench-time: 1 hour.

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