custom drum-stick prototype: “balladeer”


I went into work on my day off to use the wood/metal shop, and decided to make another custom drum stick, specifically for ballads.



…some drum-sticks have a mallet on the butt end, which allow for distinctly soft washes and swells with cymbals:

Image result for mallet drum stick
Vic Firth “SD6 swizzle B”


Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 5.56.31 PM.png
Vic Firth’s “Terry Bozzio, Phase 2”




…some drumsticks are made of bundles of thinner dowels, for a quieter, clicking sound for quiet music.

Image result for pro-mark hot rods
Pro Mark’s “Hot Rods”



Image result for vater rute strick
Vater’s “Rute”



So I figure, I should combine them !



  1. start with a wood-handle mallet
  2. bundle a layer of thin (1/16”) hickory dowels around it
  3. secure with tape temporarily
  4. apply glue into nooks at the base (mallet) end, leaving dowels to flex.


tadaa !

ballad - held up
ta-daa !


ballad - front.jpg
front of stick, showing that I didn’t do the best job of measuring, cutting and aligning dowels around the main wood-handle.
ballad - rear.jpg
mallet/rear end, nestled into a rubber handle of (large scale) shrink warp over the glue.


Happy to share my stick-ideas with you. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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