Drumming w/ LaTreice Branson

I met LaTreice V Branson, of all places, though social/dating website. OkCupid.

She was the only other person besides myself who squeezed a both a drum kit AND a smile into their profile photo so I knew I had to meet this lady.

After hanging out and basement two-kit drumming in the basement, she asked me to jam with her at her photo art gallery.

This was one of the first outings of my assorted vocal-and-rhythm hardware rig, the MouthPiece” which, for this outing, contained:

  • TC helicon Voice Synth
  • Korg KP2 kaoss pad
  • Zoom RT-323 drum machine (used in Groove Play mode to juggle syncopated patterns).

I didn’t manage to catch the address of the gallery, nor any of LaTreices photography (which is powerful stuff), but I did get two photos of us playing together (photos taken by my lady-friend at the time, who I also met through OkCupid.

10157229_693167010694_1836400552_n copy.jpg
Before any music started, LaTreice remembers to her cowbell. I’d like to think her easy laugh captured here came from something more than a “more cowbell” gag.
we started the first set slow, pausing to rattle the slinky stretched between our stands
second set builds; Latreice juggling between drunkit and conga
second set was more vocal heavy; Branson’s booming some gospel, while I use a microphone to sing/sample/loop the bass lines.

I’m rather pleased with the results of using social media counter to it’s design. Perhaps I should also try to…

  • …look for dates on LinkedIn
  • …seek jobs on Ancestry.com
  • …find family through Tinder



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