the “Death Pizza” series of shipment-worker art

I used to work in a shipping/receiving center. I appreciate the unique kind of boredom and goofy inspiration that can germinate in the repetitive, “hurry-up-and-wait” style of work.

So I got the idea to encourage the kind people in shipping/handling to have a bit of creative fun, to share a bit of human joy beyond the cardboard and tape and distance between us.

So in 2022, one day, when ordering some musical toy, I added into the Notes for Shipper’ to “if you have the time and inspiration, take sharpie and draw on my box your interpretation to the art-prompt…”

and the best idea I could come up with for something simultaneously silly, evocative, abstract, and totally relatable.

“…Death Pizza”

Here are some pictures of the interpretation-drawings that the humans behind this shipping and handling have been kind enough to share.

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