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Drexel URBN Center

  • DIGM-100: Intro to Design (PhotoShop and Illustrator)
  • IDM-100: Intro to Web Development (WordPress and content style)
  • WBDV241: Vector Authoring (Animation and interaciton in Flash)
the Art Institute of Philadelphia

Adjuct Professor:

at Art Institute of Philadelphia

  • Audio Production:
    • analog electronics
    • acoustical physics
    • DAW editing/mixing
  • Web Design and Interactive Media,
    • Scripting languages
      • .html
      • .css
      • .js
      • .php
    • Usability, UI/UX design,
    • Audio and Animation for Interactive Media
  • psychoacoustic research
picture of Me Drumming

Drum Lessons:

I can teach you how to hit things to please others...